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Much Wenlock

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Access coordinator: Simone Gilliatt

Below you will find
Access information for Much Wenlock,
Access information for GAWIE venues
GAWIE’s Access policy

For those that require extra support we have included a free ticket for a support person when attending together, click HERE for tickets


Full details:

Much Wenlock is a small countryside Town, it has narrow lanes and pathways and buildings dating back to the 12th century.

It is a beautiful and friendly with designated town parking with public toilets, cafes and shops with food to suit all dietary requirements, quiet spaces to relax and open areas to run around in.

Though its full of history and stories and beautiful spaces they are sometimes not easy to get at and some parts have access restrictions we can’t overcome. If you have any queries please get in touch

VENUES ACCESS (all in Much Wenlock)

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Priory Hall

Methodist Church

Wenlock Pottery

Much Wenlock Church

The Edge Arts Centre, William Brookes School

The George & Dragon

The Fire Station

Wenlock Edge NT Carpark

Note: The above takes you to the official National Trust Accessibility statement for Wenlock Edge. The map to the right is copied from it, with additional details in.

Location: TF13 6AR (map link)


Forging Links and Get A Word In Edgeways group want to put resources into making the storytelling, spoken word and poetry world a thriving community that supports all of its participants, workers and performers with equity and inclusion.

We are committed to embracing and encouraging as many people as possible to get involved in storytelling, poetry, spoken and written word interactions.

We are actively working to educate our team on the areas that have currently and historically created barriers to various peoples involvement. We are looking at age, family status, mental and physical ability, political, religious and national affiliation, sexual and gender orientation, socio economic status, neurological processing types, skin colour and ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We know everyone has a story to tell and when we listen we can learn so much about what can hold us back and what can bring us together.

Get A Word in Edgeways and Forging Links have been supported by the Arts Council to facilitate a paid role in Access, Inclusion and Diversity alongside community hub leaders and project manager so that we have the time and resources to specifically look at areas that need a little more attention and awareness. These roles are supported by paid mentorship by forerunners in the area of equity in the workplace and arts.

Equity Specialist, Monique Forbes-Broome, was employed as a mentor, to train our access, inclusion and diversity coordinator Simone Gilliatt and deliver a committee wide training on anti racist integration, this also touched on the laws around inclusion, access and diversity as well as working models for community engagement.

Venues, workspaces, scheduling and advertising are all audited through the access, diversity and inclusion lens. We have specific links to show venue provision for varying needs and all our performances are advertised with this information.

We are a growing collective and as such are learning and networking all the time. With this in mind we will be reviewing all the events and collaborations we have already produced and are in the process of producing to see where we can elevate our commitment to inclusion of a diverse, creative and wordy world for our audiences, performers and wider communities.

As this is a work in progress we would like to keep improving our services and interactions wherever possible.
we welcome feedback and suggestions about out company, events and performances.

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