Language and Storytelling with Schools

Poetry Slam

GAWIE works closely with local schools to bring Storytelling to the pupils. This is accomplished in a variety of ways, including Zoom, face-to-face in classrooms and being part of the festival.

Schools Languages in Shropshire 2021/22

With our partner primary schools, we led a project over zoom and in person in the local area. All the schools were feeder schools to William Brookes, the senior school in Much Wenlock.

In 2020 and 2021, we presented French lessons, with Zoom, that were presented by Rien Van Meensel. These turned out to be very popular and both children and teachers loved it.

We are hoping to include other languages soon. In the project, subsidised by a local company who have a French connection, we employed a French-speaking Storyteller to tell six stories in 80% English 20% in French. The last session was in person just before the Festival, where the teller travelled to the schools and met the Students and Teachers in person.

The last session was eagerly anticipated by the students, some of whom have never left Shropshire, let alone travelled abroad to a different country. We hope to expand this project into at least three languages over the next few years

Schools involved with language programme

John Wilkinson Broseley
Much Wenlock Primary
Condover Primary
Cressage Primary
Dark lane Broseley

Schools Poetry Slams

With our partners Madeley Academy and Williams Brookes School, we participated in two-year 7 poetry slams. Each was led by an experienced poet of our employ to bring a different type of experience to the local students.

The idea was to incentivise the students into examining their own abilities, but accessing these abilities in different ways. We finished up by getting the students to come to the festival site over the festival weekend and perform.

In 2022, as part of our field festival, we had an inter-school Poetry Slam, which was very popular and hosted by Giovanni Spoz Esposito

By trying to show a different type of route to the abilities of the students The feedback was very positive, and the teachers have asked us to continue

Schools Involved in the Slam 2021/2022

Madeley Academy, Telford

William Brookes, Much Wenlock

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