Town Festival – Venues Booked!

Just in case you thought we were being a little quiet about our town festival 13th to 15th October this year, we have been quietly getting on with things! We have engaged with performers and will release details when confirmed. In the meantime, the two main venues, the Priory Hall and the Pottery, are booked.

Priory Hall

This is a community hall, maintained by volunteers and much-loved by local residents and visitors alike.

It’s a great venue for our Autumn Festival, handy for the town and with well-appointed facilities. 

The hall is conveniently situated in the heart of this lovely historic town, close to the church, to car parks and to bus stops.

Wenlock Pottery

The pottery is a well-established business in Much Wenlock, and where our associated club, Words at the Edge, meets every month.

As with the Priory Hall, it is close to the town centre (well, no-where’s far from there), with its shops, cafe’s and pubs, all of which do good food.

We are vey pleased to have this venue as part of our October festival!

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