May 2023 Concert Notes

Another wonderful concert! Stepping Up and Stepping Out, featuring some of fantastic shortlisted artists from The Stepping Up Commission, a collaborative project between GAWIE and House of the West Wind College of Storytelling.

From our Stepping Up Commission, we presented Hannah Moore, Lindsey Gibb & Katrina Pike (collaboration), and Adam Miller. Of course, we have our regular Cath’s Cupboard of Customs, by Cath Edwards! Our host was Amy Douglas.

Two hours of beautiful word-smithery… here is our host, Amy Douglas Storyteller‘s summing up of the night:

Walking home with the moonlight for company

Horses gleaming, bridles jewelled and feathered

A crown of ivy and silver

The rowan, the wren and the setting sun

The lure of painting people

Goosey Gander heading for the gallows

Breaking silence brings bad luck

If on the stairs, do not stop, but continue to the top

But then I stumbled and met a weasel

Come up the stairs, up the stairs,

Bring something to warm me old bones

A single red flower

To bring luck and love

A bright falcon

Words into wishes

Sharp shards of betrayal

Eyes like balls of fire

Spinning golden eggs

You have come a long way, you can go further

Tears welled up unstoppable

Each step resounding like a bell

My hair won’t hold me back

The wind plucks the rigging

The gall of this woman!

A black cast iron cannon

I run, fuelled by beauty

I lean into the cold and the roar

The waves will keep coming

But soo will the calm in between

There’s magic in this moment of being and letting go

A fiddle fling

Aardvarks and snakes, elephants and a cat

A forest full of Mooovers

Freestyle is my thing

Explore and extend

The water and sky do the listening

I’m a force to be reckoned with

I’m fire and water, I am smelly

I dance with old friends, new friends, sister friends

Until we jumped back into our souls

One pirate, Two Queens, Three witches

Ticket holders – watch out for the link in your inbox in the next couple of days so that you can rewatch at your leisure!

Our next online concert will be ‘The Spectrum of Gender’ featuring Aaron Oliver, Cindylou Turner Taylor, Jon Mason stories and Polis Loizou on Thursday 13th July

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